The Future of Living

Damon Gameau and Joost Bakker
Tuesday 8 October (Doors Open 6pm)

Hosted by Lucy Feagins, editor of The Design Files, The Future of Living will explore ideas and technologies for our global future, including sustainability, food production, housing, electricity generation and much more, with award-winning 2040 director Damon Gameau and eco-champion Joost Bakker.



The Future of Mobility

Mercedes-Benz, Virgin Hyperloop-One and Bosch
Wednesday 9 October (Doors Open 6pm)

Intuitive mobility solutions are redefining human movement between cities and within urban environments. Join us for The Future of Mobility as we showcase some of the most innovative ideas and future technologies from: Mercedes-Benz Australia as the brand launches its first all-electric vehicle the EQC locally, Virgin Hyperloop-One a revolutionary new, fast-paced, zero emission transport mode, and Bosch Australia as they continue to develop safety and chassis control systems for autonomous vehicle mobility.



The Future of Employment

Airtasker, Deloitte and RMIT
Wednesday 16 October (Doors Open 6pm)

What does my job look like in the future? What will automation mean for my skills and wage? Will there be enough work for me? These are the questions we ask ourselves when thinking ahead. Join us at Mercedes me Store on October 16 as we explore the outlook with the people who are helping to shape this very future.

Hear from Tim Fung, Founder of Airtasker, an Australian community platform for outsourcing tasks as services, David Rumbens, Deloitte Partner and Lead Author: Future of Work project, and Professor Sinclair Davidson, RMIT Blockchain Innovation hub research professional.



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