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A new addition to our sustainability commitment

Experience the Evolution of the Takeaway Coffee Cup at Mercedes me Store Melbourne.

As one of the first venues in Australia to completely eliminate single-use disposable cups, Mercedes me Store Melbourne in collaboration with ST. ALi is proud to partner with The Cup Exchange (TCX). In addition to our Returnr scheme, TCX provides customers with a convenient, sustainable and re-usable solution for their take-away coffees.

This is another addition to the already growing list of sustainable initiatives at the Mercedes me Store. The store was recognised as a carbon zero certified venue in January of 2019 and continues to highlight and explore the important topics of plastic waste in our society through In Conversations with experts in the field such as Joost Bakker and Tim Silverwood.

In line with the store’s commitment to decrease our carbon footprint, TCX has been a great addition to our disposable cup free initiative. Guaranteeing a truly closed-loop solution, TCX avoids waste to landfill at all stages of the cup’s life cycle. Made from a medical grade material that can withstand thousands of washes and uses, TCX cups are light, durable and safe. And most importantly, once a cup reaches the end of it life cycle, it’s taken out of circulation and crushed down to recover the material, 100% of which is then used to create a brand new TCX cup.

Subscribers of the program will have access to the entire TCX network, where they can collect and use a TCX cup at any participating venue and then use one of the conveniently placed Drop Boxes to return the cup when they’re done. It’s as simple as that. Patrons don’t need to hold on to their dirty cups longer than required, just use and return.

Mercedes me Store Melbourne joins other venues in the Rialto building who support the TCX program. A holistic and convenient approach that sees minimal behavioural change for an enormous environmental benefit.

For more information, check out their website – TCX.

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