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Delicious delights – our new menu has landed

Summer is in the air at Mercedes me, and with it comes a new menu of delicious delights which are sure to tantalise your tastebuds during the warmer months.

Packed full of flavour, the new menu is light, yet hearty and incorporates beautiful seasonal produce from Victoria and around Australia. It is designed to be honest and to let the produce speak for itself with minimal modification.

Having moved to Australia in late 2017, and worked professionally in renowned and Michelin Star restaurants since he was 16, Mercedes me Head chef Garry Dick suggests that the local produce on the new menu is world class:

“We’ve got these beautiful Ox Heart tomatoes from Adelaide which are so well-structured and balanced, and tropical fruits from South East Queensland that we’re incorporating in the ‘Feels Good’ fruit salad that are just incredible.”

While much of the menu reflects contemporary Australian dining, one dish in particular is very close to Garry’s heart, bringing a modern twist to classic from his homeland Scotland.

“A Smoked salmon kedgeree is a traditional dish that my grandmother would make for me as a kid”, Dick said. “For the environment at Mercedes me, we’ve dressed it up with a Japanese sticky rice cake, parsley and curry emulsion, shallots, fresh herbs and a turmeric pickled boiled egg, deconstructed. I’m sure our guests will love it.”

The new menu is now on offer at Mercedes me. Be sure to come in store to sample the new items and enjoy a delicious ST. Ali coffee.


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