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Ever wonder what 135kgs of waste looks like?

Seeing is believing. Mercedes me Store Melbourne engages local eco-champion for unique one-off installation.

Between 9 – 20 September 2019, the Mercedes me Store was proud to host a unique one-off installation from eco-champion Joost Bakker.

It is often said that “seeing is believing” and so, the installation depicted 135kgs of plastic waste suspended in the air, designed to reflect the amount of waste each Australian generates per year; of which only 12% is recycled, with the rest often ending up in our waterways and natural landscape. This large scale ‘plastic footprint’ is intertwined with natural tree branches collected from Joost’s Monbulk Farm and represents the way in which our waste is often left to degrade within nature.

Speaking on the installation, Joost Bakker has said:

“The current almost daily discussion around ‘waste’ and how we deal with it I find incredibly exciting, and it’s fair to say it’s been a long struggle to capture people’s attention around this topic. Following a federal government commissioned study, it has been determined that each person in Australia generates a staggering 135kgs of plastic per year

This is why I’m using exactly 135 kgs to suspend an organic installation, mimicking what we are doing, blending synthetic materials with our natural world. What’s inspiring to know is that the volume is reducing, consumer awareness is driving change, schools are going zero waste and business leaders are demanding a change to a circular economy. I have never experienced this level of change or interest, and I hope this installation drives further debate and discussion.”

The launch of Joost’s plastic installation coincided with the complete removal of single-use disposable cups at Mercedes me. In collaboration with concept partner ST. ALi, Mercedes me has completely eliminated single-use plastics at the point of sale in an effort to lower our overall carbon footprint. As one of the first venues in Australia to make this bold, but important move, we have partnered with Returnr to offer an easy and eco-friendly alternative.

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